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Light Pictures – Professional Wedding Photography, Engagement and Pre-Wedding Photography.

If we had to summarise our philosophy in a few words, it would be something like this: Experiencing a true love is worth celebrating. It’s worth savouring and cherishing. A true love with your partner and children will have its milestones and evolutions, it will be something unique between you. It is this essence that we want to capture, in a form that is natural and that will resonate with you every time you see an image, whether  now, or in 50 years’ time.

Matt started on his journey into professional photography in Sydney (2010) and quickly climbed to the forefront of the creative industry. After venturing down the fatherhood road in 2013, he moved his photography studio from Sydney to Brisbane to raise and support his family. With a true love for nature and the beach, Matt found himself more at home within the lush and diverse Byron landscapes. In 2016 Matt joined forces with his sister Hannah and they found themselves regularly photographing weddings in New South Wales.

We are professional wedding photographers and also offer engagement, pre-wedding and the odd session of family photography.

With our brother Damien recently joining the marketing side of the team, we now feel we have a truly family owned and run business. Every aspect of Light Pictures is now managed by us, ensuring a very personal service and perfect attention to detail from start to finish.

To allow us to keep our standards high and our family life a priority, we only accept roughly 30 weddings a year and a small number of portraiture sessions per month. We also love to travel and have photographed weddings in Fiji, France, Colombia and right across Australia. If you’re getting married nearby or across the other side of The Earth we’d love to join you. High on our wishlist includes Iceland, Tasmania, China, Thailand, New Zealand, Italy and anywhere with vineyards. A small number of spots are still available in 2018.

Matt’s Interview (done by Sister, Hannah):

So how would you best describe Matt? I would say he is incredibly caring, he recently made me chicken broth from scratch and took care of me despite my head being three times it’s usual size after major dental surgery! He's also very genuine, excitable and up for anything. 

What are some of the things Matt just can't live without? I would probably say Coffee, wine, sleep, those awful meat sticks he loves, his camera, and music.

What would Matt be if he wasn’t a photographer? He'd be wanting to be a photographer, or something just as artistic, like a mime artist. Or maybe Matt would open a cafe in Byron Bay which turns into a discotheque at night so he could resurrect his DJing skills.

How would you best describe Matt's involvement with Light Pictures? Well for a start he's the founder but on a personal level, I think it’s the first job in his life that he is immensely proud of.  Matt loves the company like it is one of his children, so it probably keeps him awake at night as much as his three and four year olds do. I think the birth of Light Pictures seemed to give new meaning to Matt's life. Every day he pours his heart and soul into it to make other people happy, because ultimately that’s what makes him happy.

If you had a hashtag to describe Matt, what would it be?  #baddadjoke


That’s enough about us for now.    It’s really all about you.   Your day, your dream.   We would love to help you create it.

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