Brisbane Wedding Photographer – Best of 2018


Hello, Matt here.

2018 was one crazy year!

Déus Photography is now a thing of the past, Light Pictures was born. It was a forced name and branding change really, but so be it, I like our new handle!

 I will be hones thought, it greatly impacted us a lot. After the previous year of being booked to capacity for the first time, that all of a sudden got flipped on it’s head and 2018 has, well, been a real struggle – we have just kept things alive. We basically had to start a new business from scratch with only our experience and portfolio to bring along – a very soul challenging time.  I can also tell you that single-handedly managing a business whilst looking after 2 young kids part of every week sure keeps my hands full…and can push things to it’s limits!

I love my two tykes Louis and Layla so much. It’s amazing being able to do what I do, being able to be a work at home dad, being able to spend time with them in these precious years, It’s perfect! So all things considered, I’ve decided to drop my hours for all this crazy Photography stuff down to part time…for a while. 🙂

The hugely positive side of 2018 meant I have had the privilege of trust from many amazing couples, traveled to some beautiful parts of our country, been a part of some extremely amazing days…one month recently I drove 4000+km’s!

Looking back, my work sure has come a long way since my first wedding around 9 years ago. I really am proud of what I have accomplished, and with everything that has been going on. I’m proud of what I have to show off from what really isn’t a heap of weddings, but the memories I have given to all my love birds out there in marriage bliss makes me smile the most.

Thanks to everyone in my life for your support. Big thanks to my sister Hannah, who had a baby only a few months ago – I’m looking forward to you shooting along side me again when you can! Thank you to my brother Damien for moving interstate and in with me, having you here as a friend and for support has meant the world to me. Thanks to my mate Pete Oakman, my 2nd shooter, road trip partner and general partner in crime, your support and help and talent has been priceless…a fair few of the pics belong to you bud!
I also want to thank “The World”, for Symmetry, kisses, dresses, shoes, Fuji, talent, Love!

Oh, and who could forget my wonderful Mum! Love you Mum.

2018 has been a fun ride, challenging, but trust me, I remind myself every day of how lucky I am to be able to do what I do, and to have been blessed with such an awesome family.

I am eagerly looking forward to 2019 with my chin up and hope in my heart. Everyone spread the word, we are not going anywhere and I/we want to be a part of more wonderful journeys, for years to come!


Below are a bunch of snapshots in time, all from REAL weddings. They all tell a story and bring back amazing memories, and I think they all belong on a wall…..somewhere.



There are some beautiful locations up above that’s for sure, but if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, have a look at a great feature we have done on Venues in Byron Bay, just over HERE.


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  • Ash - You are an extremely talented artist Matt, and an absolute joy to work with. We are thrilled that you were there to capture our day for us. Happy new year!ReplyCancel